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Custom Hide Tanning

Custom Tanning for the Small Livestock Producer  and Hunter



Hi!  Thanks for your interest in sending hides to us for custom tanning!  Due to the higher risk of shipping raw skins in the summer months, we are currently NOT accepting any skins for tanning. We appreciate your understanding and hope you find the information below helpful for storing your skins until the cooler months. See you in the fall!


Thanks and have a great summer!


~Shelby and the Crew~




How to keep your skins for long term storage:


 First Fold your hide so the meat sides are inside and fold or roll it up.


Using a quality bag, 13 gallon trash bags work great for most skins. DO NOT USE Grocery bags. These do not protect your hide.  Carefully bag each hide and squeeze as much air out as possible and either tie or use a Cable tie (zip tie) to securely close the bag. Air is the enemy of long term storage.


And Freeze.  Check your freezer often (or get a inexpensive freezer alarm) as losing a freezer of hides and meat in the summer is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone!  And cleanup is a bugger...


Storing skulls- wrap the front teeth with paper towels (4 or 5 layers) to protect the teeth from breakage, and Bag. Skulls DO NOT have to be air tight. But wrapping them in a bag will prevent them from sticking to other items in your freezer or the freezer itself.



If you have questions, please feel free to email us or call.