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Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006



Custom Quality Hair-on Tanning for Small Farmers and Hunters- You don't have to be a Taxidermist!

Quality Finished Leathers, Hides, Furs and Buckskins

Antlers and Antler Products

Crafters and Regalia Supplies

Specimens for Taxidermists, Schools and Teaching Institutions, and Collectors

Great Variety and Selection

One-on-One Customer Service

Unique offerings found Nowhere else!


We Buy Hides, Skulls and Antlers!
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Looking for More arts and crafts  and supplies?

One of a Kind Items? Skulls, hides, Antlers and MORE!

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Wholesale Antler Dog Chews

Perfect for Training, Treats and for that dog that LOVES to chew on everything.


NOW Offering!   Finished and Custom Articulated Skeletons-  

Custom Articulated  and Finished Articulated Skeletons and Skeletal Sections.  Ready for Display.