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Tanned Hides and Furs


These furs, hides and pelts are selected for their quality. Each is unique. Please see our Grade Descriptions for Hides and Furs for a more detailed description of the terms used in the description of these lots. Most of these items are all One-of-a-Kind and are sold on a first come first served basis. What you see is what you get. All items are subject to prior sale- we try to update daily but this is not always possible. Please refer to PLTL#**** , if available, when ordering these items. Please refer to the description that follows each item for more information about that item.

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Hair on Calf Hides

SUPER Soft Haired hides with nice soft leather. All from animals that died of natural causes on local ranches. Black, Brown/Black, Red and Some other colors available.

Hides average $65 to $175 Each Depending on Size and Color.   Craft Skins also available.


Shiras Moose Hide

SUPER thick haired Washington Shiras Moose Hides.  Soft supple leather. Great Coloring.  Beautiful Hides.

NOW Available!


Elk Hides

Super Soft Supple Tanned Hair on Elk Hides- Three Hides Currently Available. Please call for Current prices.

Thick haired Bull hides also available. Call for prices.

Short Haired Cow Elk Hide



Each is unique. Super soft tanned leather, perfect for upholstery, furniture, rugs, couch covers, chaps and more.  Assorted Breeds and Colors Available.

Long Haired Scottish Highland Cow Hides Also Available.

Hereford2.jpg picture by PLTannery 


Buffalo/Bison Robes

Thick prime haired December and January Buffalo hides. Nice average skins off of butcher size buffalo (2 and 3 year olds)  Hides vary from 25 sq ft to 35 sq ft.

Buffalo  Shown SOLD!   But Several other skins in assorted Sizes are Currently available.





Now Available!  Washable Sheepskins

We currently have several very nice washable sheepskins, including White Wool, Dk Brown/Black Wool and Katahdin sheepskins.  Very nice wooled, great for kids or babies, seat covers, or other uses. Wool lengths vary from 1" to 4" or more.

MOST CURRENT Inventory for our Sheepskins can be Found here:

Tanned in the USA from Washington grown Sheep.

#1 Sheep start at $100 each

#2 and crafter's grade start at $60 each.


Whitetail and Mule Deer Hides and Exotic Deer

Assorted Whitetail and Mule Deer hides. Here you will also find Fallow, Sika, Blacktail, Axis and other exotic deer species.  Super soft tanned with hair. Some  short haired early season skins to Super thick December deer. Please call for current availability as our stock is ever changing.

#1 Deer Flat hides start at $95

#2 and Craft Grade Hides start at $75

#1 Back halves start at $50

Eary Fall Mule Deer- SOLD, Sample Only


Wallhanger Furs

These are all nice prime furs. These are Soft, Garment Quality Tanned Furs. Please call for current availability as our stock is ever changing.

Cased- No belly cut, Animal is skinned like a sock.

Flat- Cut along belly  to lower jaw, sometimes lower jaw is also cut.

Each fur may vary slightly in size and color. Each may have a small amount of damage. These were harvested throughout the lower 48 and Alaska and Canada.


These are all nice prime foxes. 


Red Fox, Grey Fox, Kit Fox, Ranched Blue Fox, Ranched White Fox, Wild Arctic, cross, Silver, Platinum, Amber, and other color variations. Please note many foxes are special order.




Lousiana River otter, Medium to Large furs averaging 30-45" long or more.  Prices vary by size.

Pictured Above- River Otters




Soft Tanned Bobcats from all over the USA, Prime fur for the area taken in. Available with and without feet.

Pictured Above- Sold Cats- More Cats are available. Call for Availability.



Thick Prime Badgers with or without feet, Medium to Large furs averaging 20"-30" long or more. 


#1 Quality Badgers- Start at $85, Most average 28-33 inches overall.


Soft Tanned garment quality Prime WA beavers, Small to Large Hides. Select skins available with tails and/or feet.

Pictured Above- Sample Beavers- Many Hides in stock.

Mink and Ermine

Great for garments and regalia. Wild and Ranched mink available.

Prime White and Transition Phase Ermine

Long and Short tailed.  

#1 Skins Start at $19

#2 Skins Start at $15

Craft Skins Start at $12



Large  Louisana Nutria, A large Aquatic Rodent with a soft underfur and a very long GLOSSY Guard Hair.

Pictured Above- Sample photos of some of the available nutria.

PLTL#NUTRIA- Average/Large Nutria - $35 each


Domestic Rabbits

Soft tanned domestic rabbits complete with Feet and faces. Suitable for Mounts or Plushes. Case Skinned. Mixed Colors, Contact us for colors currently available, which may include White, Black, Spotted/broken, harlequin and more.

Cased Rabbit Hides with Feet- $45 each and up, Price depends on size, Breed and Quality. TANNED TO ORDER.




PLTL #RLLH- $120- 10 Assorted #1 Garment Quality Rabbit Pelts-  Standard fur. 10" by 8" or larger, most will average 12" by 14" Assorted Colors, No more than 30%- 3 hides) will be solid white. Our Choice, Colors May include- White, Speckled, Spotted, Solids, Greys, Browns, Blacks, Creams, Tans, Harlequins, Magpie Harlequins, Chinchilla, Etc.  These are very nice, thick furred pelts from Locally Grown meat rabbits. No foreign hides. 

Individual Hides in selected colors may be purchase through our Etsy Shop:





Available with and without feet.


 Pictured Above-  Sample Photos Similar to Currently Available Raccoons

#1 Raccoons Start at $35


SUPER thick furred, scent free striped skunks. No feet.

 #1 Skunks Start at $35.  Currently Sold Out.





Alaskan wolves.

Call For available Hides.


Our Wall Hanger coyotes are all Heavy furred Washington Coyotes. These Thick Prime skins are suitable for use as decoration, in garments, crafts and regalia. Actual lengths vary. If you need a certain size please contact us for availability. Please note: These hides are not suitable for taxidermy. To view our taxidermy coyotes please go here.

Pictured Above-  Sample, Heavy #1 Western Coyote, Cased With Feet. 

#1 Jumbo Coyotes Cased With Feet $100

#1 Jumbo Coyotes, Rug Cut With Feet $ $95

#1 Jumbo Coyotes, Cased, No Feet $85

#1 Average Coyotes Cased With Feet $75

#1 Average Coyotes, Rug Cut With Feet $ $75

#1 Average Coyotes, Cased, No Feet $65

#2 Coyotes, With and without feet, Start at $55

Coyote Back Halves- about 2 square feet, Great For Crafting. Available With and without feet/tails $25 and up.


Lambs and Goat Kids

Soft tanned Lambskins and Goat Kids complete with Feet and faces. Suitable for Mounts or Plushes. Case Skinned. Mixed Colors, Contact us for colors currently available, which may include White, Black, Colored legs/white bodies, spotted bodies, etc.

Cased Lambs/Goat Kids with Feet- $50 each and Up, Depending on Size, Breed and Quality

Current Stock Available Found here:

Goat Hides

These are all nice, soft tanned goat hides. Great for Rugs or Throws, and Crafts. Please Call for Current Availability.