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Dreamcatcher Photo Tutorial:

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Questions?  Feel Free to email me.  I have done my best to photograph each step and process, Let us know if there is anything we missed.

Need a Specific material to make a custom Dreamcatcher?  Need Pink Peacock Plumes?  Blue Fox Fur?  Green Crow Beads?  Just let us know!

You will notice as the photos progress a few of my materials changed... Such is the inspiration!


Step 21-   Continue  stitches. I will be adding another round of random beads near the center.


Step 12-  Stop your stitches with the hole about 3 times as large as you want it to be. In this case the hole is currently 3" on my 14" hoop. 

Step 23-  Continue your stitches but DO NOT go thru the loop. Simply go thru the center of each stitch and on to the next one. Whip stitch style.  Continue around the entire center. pulling up the slack.

Step 24-  Carefully Pull TIGHT. Pull the weave tight and shrinking the hole at the same time till it is the size you want.  Approx 1" on this catcher.

Step 25- "Sew" Thru each little triangle all the way around the ring.

Step 26-  Repeat until you have a good ring of sinew built up. 4 or 5 wraps are usually good.

Step 27-  Trim Remaining Sinew down to approx 1 foot long.  Switch to the smaller needle. Sew thru the wraps, a small section at a time. All the way around.

Trim end flush with wrap.   This is very stron and I have never had one unravel all those wraps.

Step 28-  Finished Weave.