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Dreamcatcher Photo Tutorial:

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Questions?  Feel Free to email me.  I have done my best to photograph each step and process, Let us know if there is anything we missed.

Need a Specific material to make a custom Dreamcatcher?  Need Pink Peacock Plumes?  Blue Fox Fur?  Green Crow Beads?  Just let us know!

You will notice as the photos progress a few of my materials changed... Such is the inspiration!


Step 11-  Finished Leather wrap with Sinew Bundle. Save your extra leather, you will use this later.

Step 12-  Begin your first "Stitch" By moving to the right of your sinew and wrapping it over the top of the ring and coming out thru the loop you made. Each stitch from now on will be made in the same manner. Keeping your sinew in a bundle helps keep it from getting dirty or tangled. The heavily waxed colored sinew picks up hair VERY good so keep a clean work area and try not to work on carpet.

Step 13-  Pull tight.  Keep a stitch length that is long enough to see light thru or longer.  On this 14" catcher a 2" stitch is about right.  Longer stitches will make bigger holes and less of a spiral.  Shorter stitches make smaller holes and more spiral.  The Smaller your ring the shorter in lenght your stitches can be and still see light.  If you are not good at Eyeballing things trace your ring onto a piece of paper and fold the paper in half and in half again until you get down to a small pie shaped wedge. Unfold and use this to guage your stitches.  Keep tension on the sinew as you work. Keeping it as tight as possible.

Continue around the ring.

Step 14-  Once you have reached the end of the first wrap, make sure the distance between your first and last stitch is about 2/3rds of a regular stitch.  This will make for a more even weave.

Step 15- Unravel your Sinew and thread your Large Yarn needle onto it.  Pull about 1/3 of your sinew thru the needle.  Then Carefully wrap it all up into a loop as shown. Leaving 5 feet or so unbundled.

Tie up the bundle with the knot as shown.   This will allow you to quickly pull  all of your sinew thru while keeping it cleaner and tangle free. It is easily untied to release more sinew as you work thru your weave.

Finished Bundle

Step 16- Continue Stitches by looping thru the center of each previous stitch. 

Keep Stitches Tight.  Pinching the previous stitch as shown will help achive this.

Step 17-   At this point you can continue repeating this stitch until you reach the center. Or you can add in beads, gemstone chips or charms.  Finish one full wrap before adding anything as this gives a more even look to your catcher. If you don't  want to add anything in your weave continue to Step 23.

Step 18-  Adding Beads/Gemstone Chips-  Untie  your sinew and unthread your needle.  Using a binder clamp as shown is useful for keeping your weave tight.

Make Sure the beads you choose have a large enough hole to fit over your sinew easily without a needle. Simply roll the end of the sinew to create a point.

Choose a pattern or a Random design for your beads. On this catcher I will be adding a full, continous ring of beads.  In the pattern as shown. Make sure you string more beads than you think you will need, its easier to work with too many beads than have to unwind the sinew to string more beads.

Push all beads down to the catcher. Rebundle your sinew.

Step 19-  Continue your stitches.  On the first stich of your bead section leave only one bead. Every stitch after leave two beads.

Continue till you meet up with your  first stitch.


Step 20-  Make your stitch fall between the beads.  Pull tight