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Dreamcatcher Photo Tutorial



Questions?  Feel Free to email me.  I have done my best to photograph each step and process, Let us know if there is anything we missed.

Need a Specific material to make a custom Dreamcatcher?  Need Pink Peacock Plumes?  Blue Fox Fur?  Green Crow Beads?  Just let us know!


Dreamcatchers are Fun and quite easy to construct for almost the whole family!  Since Sharp tools are needed we do recommend that kits be assembled by adults and children age 10 years and Up.  Feel Free to customize your kits!  Maybe add that special Shell from the Beach, or your favorite little silver charm or a  that really pretty feather you found when you visited the petting zoo.  The sky is the limit with dreamcatchers!  They can me made with nearly anything!   Here you will find my way of making dreamcatchers.  Each artist/person has their own way, so feel free to experiment! 


You will notice as the photos progress a few of my materials changed... Such is the inspiration!


Step 1-  Gather your Materials- Sharp Scissors, Super glue (Loctite Control Gel is my favorite), Large Yarn needle, Small needle with an eye large enough to fit your sinew thru, 2 Large Binder Clamps, Ring( or Ring alternative), Feathers, Leather Lace, Sinew, Large hole Beads, Accent Beads, and Charms or other added items (feathers, stones, shells, geodes, etc)

Step 2- Measure your sinew-  A good rule of thumb is 40 times the Diameter of your ring, less for a smaller ring or a Very open weave, More if you want to do a VERY delicate weave with lots of stitches.

Step 3-  Place a small amount of super glue on about 3/8" of your ring and place your leather in the manner shown, using the glue to hold it in place.  At an angle, because you will spiral it around the ring to cover it.  Loctite sets very quickly so be careful not to glue your fingers to it!

Step 4- Begin wrapping your Leather Lace, cover any remaining glue. Wrap tightly keeping tension on the leather and wrap it closely togeth so none of the metal ring shows thru the leather. Rings can be wrapped with hand cut buckskin lace, yarn, Cotton Thread, Hemp and other similar things.  A natural vine ring may not need to be wrapped at all.

Step 5- Using one of the binder clips bundle up most of your leather so you don't have so much extra to get tangled up.

Step 6- Loosely Wrap your Leather around the ring as many times as you can. Leave a loop on the first wrap and make sure you wrap the same direction as your glued wrap!

Step 7-  Work your leather up tight to your first wraps. If you wrapped correctly all of the loose wraps will dissapear.  Use the second binder clamp to hold your wraps from coming unraveled will you repeat this until about 2" of ring remains unwrapped. Use a small amount of glue to hold the end of the buckskin so it doesn't unravel

Step 8- Tie one end of your sinew to the ring with a half hitch.  Follow up with several more half hitches on the ring. Then Trim your end short(1/2"~)

Step 9- Place a liberal amount of glue on and around the knotted sinew and continue your leather wraps until you get even with the sinew tail.  Wrap around it leaving it hang out.

Step 10-  Continue leather until it meets up with the beginning.

Apply Glue

Trim ends so they meet Flush.

Press ends into glue to make a nearly invisible trasition.