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Taxidermy Specimens:

Shoulder Mount Capes


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Wet tanned Coyote Capes

Eye to nose measurement ranges from 3 1/4" to 4", No choice.  Wet tanned, Case Skinned. Cut extra long for a table or wall pedestal mount. May have a small ent/exit hole to repair. All will be Prime Washington Coyotes taken between late Nov. and Late Jan with Thick prime fur.

Wet tanned coyote capes- $50 each

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Whitetail Capes

#8512836R- Whitetail Doe- 6.75 by 13, No incision, Short Hair. Raw $40


Mule Deer Capes 

#8512819R- Mature Mule Deer Buck- 7.75 x 21,  Short Y Cut. Silver Dollar sized drag on shoulder. Pale Face, Raw $60- Photos Available.

#8512838R- Mule Deer Buck- 7.25 by 19 by 21, Long Y Cut, Buck has a small wart that will need to be trimmed out. Raw $50- Photos Available.


Pictures upon request.

Elk Capes


#8512873R-  Mature Bull Elk- Mid September Hair, Ear Split, Long Y, Raw Frozen 13.5" ETN $175 - no photos available.


Moose Capes and Faces


MISC North American Big Game

Musk Ox Face for "Pack Out" Mount- SUPER thick Hair- Wet tanned $170 Shipped


African and Exotics

Barbados Rams- Available for a Cape, Lifesize or Half Lifesize. Raw or Prepped/Salted

Ram 2-

Ram 3-

Ram 5-

Ram 2310-



Other Capes

We can aquire almost any Cape from Domestic Farm/Livestock Animals.  From young animals to mature animals. Some of the species regularly available are Bison, Domestic Goats, Sheep, Exotics, Domestic Breed Cattle, Longhorns, Highlands and others, Horses, Llamas, etc. All are available upon request/special order.  Lifesizes are also available. Simply contact us by email or phone to place your request.

Medium White Cashmere Goat -Wether- Available as a Cape, lifesize or Half lifesize. - Photos on request.

#2323- Black Cashemere Goat- Billy- Raw Cape, Long Y- $75

#NOEL- Red Blonde Highland Cow Cape with Matching Horns- Mature Cow- Cape is Dry tanned, Horns on Cleaned Skull Plate.  Sold as a Set only. $750

 #1- Sorrel Horse Cape- Medium Saddle Horse - Raw $100

 #2- Bay Horse Cape- Medium Saddle Horse- Dry tanned $600

#3- Sorrel Horse Cape- Medium Saddle Horse- Dry Tanned-  $625 

#SCGM1- Spanish type goat Cape-Winter type Cape.  White/Cream, with red hairs- Mature Weather, Will fit billy goat horns, but NO Smell.  Long Y Cut, Lots of cape for a Pedistal mount.  $175-  Wet tanned.



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