Promise Land Tannery

Est. 2006


Antler Tips, Tines and Points


Please see our Grade Descriptions for a more detailed description of what the terms we use to describe our antler products and others mean. Some of these items are One-of-a-Kind and are sold on a first come first served basis. What you see is what you get. All items are subject to prior sale- we try to update daily but this is not always possible. Please refer to PLTL#**** when ordering these items. Please refer to the description that follows each item for more information about that item.


We can custom cut all of our antler products to your exact specifications. We've cut antler for hundreds unique of custom projects and will work with you to find the species and pieces that will work best for you.


Whitetail and Mule Deer Antler Tips

 Assorted grades from Hard Dark brown to greys and solid whites.  Weathered antler tips are listed and sold separately. Some may have a small chip or damage done by the buck. Cut end diameters vary from 3/8" to over 1". If you need a specific size please contact us.


Assorted- As they are pulled from the bin. May be any of the sizes listed below. But not guaranteed to contain all 5 sizes.  $1 Each.

XS- Less than 2" Long  $1.00 Each

S- 2" to 4" Assorted $1.50 Each

M- 4" to 6" Assorted $2.75 Each

L- 6" to 8" Assorted $4.50 Each

XL- 8"  or More Assorted  $8.00 Each.

Brow Tines- Rough textured heavy antler tines,

1" to 3" Assorted- $2 each

3" to 6" Assorted- $4 each



Claw Tines

2" to 3.5" Assorted- $3 each

3.5" to 5" Assorted- $4.50 each


Weathered- Assorted sizes. Will have surface cracking of varying degrees. May have some chipping/flaking.  50¢ Each (not Pictured)


Drilled Antler Tines- Custom sizes avaliable, Drilled thru with an 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" hole for a lanyard, leather or a key ring.  Or drilled straight into the antler for a eye screw. With the top edge lightly sanded. Your Choice. 

 1" to 2.5" Assorted- $2.35 each

2.5" to 4" Assorted- $2.99 each

4" to 6" Assorted- $5 each


Elk Antler Tines

Randomly assorted mixed elk antler tines.  Can vary from hard brown to solid white. Mixed sizes.  Choose from the Sizes below.

1" to 2"- Assorted- $2 each

2" to 4"- Assorted- $4 each

4" to 8"- Assorted- $7 each